Welcome to our new website. We have designed it to become Theodore Bikel’s online home, a place where you can spend time reading about his life, listening to his music and watching clips of his movies and TV roles, watch interviews and read his own writings. We will continue to add more material so there will always be something new to read, hear and see.

Theo used to tell a story about a man who approached him by the stage door, after a concert many years ago. “ You were great ” said the man, “ and do you know? There is an actor with your same name out in Hollywood! He looks quite like you, too! But I think he spells his name differently ” When people asked Theo how he came to be not only an actor, not only a singer, a writer, a translator, a union leader, but also a tireless activist for Peace and Social Justice, he would say “ I never understood the requirement to choose only one thing to do with my life. I did what I felt called to do: but only if I was reasonably good at it ”. Theo was being modest: he was a giant with a voice that not only entered our hearts (in 23 languages!) but also woke us up and reminded us that we were all responsible for each other; that we are all sisters and brothers and must never stop finding ways to love one another better; That peace and justice are the only way, and that we must never stop raising our voice and using our very lives to make this world a better place.

Please sign our guest book and share your Theo stories with us. We never tire of hearing them. May the memory of Theo Bikel be a blessing for ever and ever.

“New Release!”
Short Documentary about Theodore Bikel’s life

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